Sharing Wisdom

At Keller Williams, we believe in working together, not against each other. One of our company belief systems is Teamwork: Together everyone achieves more. This culture of team work enables our agents to grow together. New agents learn valuable lesson from experienced agents everyday (and teach experienced agents a thing or two themselves!).

One of the ways in which we act on our culture of teamwork is through daily classes at our office. All of our agents believe that knowledge and wisdom are there to be shared, not hoarded, so we never have a shortage of agents volunteering to teach classes. Today we had Mike Zanolli teaching a “New Agents Getting Started” class.


Mike has been an agent for 9 months and is already on his way to earning 100% commission. One of our rising stars, he shared the secrets of his success with some of our newer agents. Thanks, Mike!

Are you interested in joining a team that lifts each member up and helps everyone succeed? Then give us a call at 215-631-1900 or email Jennie at

Zanolli, Mike
Mike Zanolli

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