Winter Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to selling homes. Don’t let the winter season take away from your listing’s curb appeal. To help you keep your listings looking good, here are some winter curb appeal tips:

  1.  Keep all walk ways clear. Safety is the number one priority, especially when ice and snow are involved. Make sure all walk ways are shoveled, salted, and cleared of debris at all times.

    Majestic Newly Constructed Home

    Clear sidewalks for buyers to walk on!

  2.  Clean your gutters! Potential buyers will not want to see leaves and sticks stuck in the gutters. Keep them clear and tidy! This tip is a must for any house whether or not it is on the market – blocked gutters can cause problems more serious than just an ugly exterior. clog
  3.  Outdoor lighting is a must. With shorter days, most buyers will be doing drive-bys long after the sun has set. Make sure they can see how great the house looks by having sufficient lighting. Bonus: great lighting can make any home look fantastic and romantic, add a light flurry and the house will essentially sell itself.  5e3123d703347fac_9489-w342-h185-b0-p0--craftsman-exterior
  4.  Keep the decorations to a minimum. Your seller might love a giant blow-up Santa, but the buyers probably won’t. Although simple string lights will make the house look joyful and cozy, anything more will distract from the thing you’re trying to sell – the house!
  5.  Plants, plants, plants! Although it may seem impossible to have a great garden in the winter, this is a must. And, it’s really not difficult. Evergreens can survive the drop in temperatures, even in a pot. And pansies and witch hazel actually thrive in the cold! Check out this great video on how to easily create winter flower hanging baskets!Baumgartner1-15-475x356
  6.  Add some color. An easy way to add a pop of color to a home’s curb appeal is through paint. Have your sellers pick a vibrant new color and use it to liven up the front of the house. 7041872a5ab1058170aa23b21d455567
  7.  Add a birdbath to the front yard and include a solar powered water heater. Birds bring fun and color to a drab winter landscape. The heater will make sure there is more than ice for them to land on. eabl-noca_8884-238c

So how do you create winter curb appeal for your listings? Share in the comments below!

Do you want to be part of a team that is constantly sharing ideas in order to help everyone succeed? Then give us a call at 215-361-1900 or email Jennie at

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