10 Tips For an Easy Move

Moving can be a stressful time. So, we’re here to help your clients have an easier time moving in to the dream home you helped them find!

10 Tips For an Easy Move

  1.  Label boxes with brightly colored duct tape to easily identify which room they belong in (i.e. blue = bathroom, yellow= living room, and so on). 1
  2.  Garbage bag your clothes together and they can easily be transferred from the old closet to the new. 2
  3.  Pack a “First Day Essentials” bin with all of the things you’ll need most as soon as you arrive at your new home. 3
  4.  Plastic wrap your bedroom dresser drawers and use them as a “box” for the clothes that belong in them. No need to unpack! Just wrap, transport, and unwrap. 5
  5.  Put masking tape in an X on your mirrors and glass frames. It won’t prevent them from breaking, but it will help absorb shock and keep the glass in the frame if it does break. 6
  6.  Pack spices in a large slow cooker or pot to save space. 4
  7.  Use rolling luggage for heavy items. 7
  8.  Place Styrofoam plates between breakable plates to keep them safe. 8
  9.  Pack electric cords in empty toilet paper rolls. 9
  10.  Place knives in pot holders to prevent anyone from cutting themselves when unpacking. 10

Extra tip: 17 places to score FREE moving boxes!

Do you have any tips for making your move easier? Share them in the comments section!

Are you looking to move, put need to find your perfect house first? Give us a call at 215-631-1900 or email Jennie at jsherkness@kw.com.


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