Motivation Monday


Do you suffer from “I could never do that” syndrome? Well guess what. Today we have a cure for you. What’s the cure, you ask? Well, it is simply knowing that strength comes from overcoming difficulties. You must act first, and we promise you’ll look back and see just how strong you were (and still are!).

So what so you think you’re not strong enough to do? Cold calls? Door knocking? Becoming an agent? This week we challenge you to conquer those fears by going out and doing the very thing you do think you’re strong enough to do. But don’t worry, you don’t have to do it alone! We have classes to help build your confidence, scripts to teach you what to say, and tutors to help you prepare for the real estate exam.

Are you ready to prove to yourself just how strong you are? Then give us a call at 215-631-1900 or email Jennie at


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