Wellness Wednesday

At Keller Williams, we believe that health and wellness are a top priority. We desire for every one of our agents to be healthy, happy, and full of energy. In light of this, we will be sharing wellness tips every Wednesday on our blog!

Today’s Wellness Wednesday focus: Sitting (actually, not sitting all day).

Sitting is the new smoking. According to Time Magazine, those who sit all day have a higher risk of disease to the tune of an 18% higher risk of dying from diabetes, heart disease, and obesity and 54% more likely to die from a heart attack than those who sit for less than three hours a day. Standing desks are trending now as a result of these statistics, but standing all day isn’t the best either (remember your retail job when you were 16? Standing all day wasn’t that fun, was it?).

The best options include a desk that can switch from standing to sitting and/or frequent movement throughout the day. According to Kevan Lee, standing up every 20 minutes is the healthiest way to work a sedentary job. The act of standing counteracts the health dangers of sitting, if done every twenty minutes.


You don’t have to jog in place or do jumping jacks, just stand! And remember, sedentary work is an independent predictor of disease, so daily exercise before or after work does not cancel out the risks of sitting all day.

So how do you start standing at work? Set a timer to go off every 20 minutes. When it dings, stand up for a minute. For added benefit, walk around (get a cup of coffee, check the printer, go say hi to a coworker). It’s that easy!


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