Wellness Wednesday

At Keller Williams, we believe that health and wellness are a top priority. We desire for every one of our agents to be healthy, happy, and full of energy. In light of this, we will be sharing wellness tips every Wednesday on our blog!

Today’s Wellness Wednesday focus: fresh air


With warmer weather and longer days, it is the perfect time to discuss the benefits of getting fresh air everyday. There are multiple reasons to get outside (especially if you spend your days in a stuffy office), here are just a few of them:

  • The scent of flowers and pine trees has been shown to decrease stress and increase relaxation
  • Fresh air improves your blood pressure and heart rate
  • Fresh air helps your immune system fight off disease
  • Fresh air during the day helps you get a better night’s sleep
  • Fresh air gives you a boost of energy

With all these benefits, if is well worth your time to make some time to get outside everyday. Here are a few simple ways to easily spend some time outside everyday:

  • Drink your morning coffee on the front porch
  • Go for a walk at lunch time
  • Instead of taking an afternoon tea break in the kitchen, take it outside
  • Plant a garden, and tend it everyday after work
  • Get a table for your backyard and eat dinner outside every night
  • Go hiking on the weekend
  • Encourage your kids to play outside (and play with them!)

So go on, get outside and breathe deep!


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