Script Practice Saturday

Happy Weekend everyone! We hope you’re having a successful time hosting open houses and taking clients on showings. In order to continue to help you to grow your business, we will be sharing a real estate script every Saturday. If you’d like to see a script for a specific topic let us know by emailing Jennie at

Today we are going to look at a door knocking script:

“Hi, I’m __________ with Keller Williams Real Estate.  I’m not here to sell you a vacuum cleaner or magazine subscription, so I hope you’re not disappointed.  I’m doing a quick survey, do you have two minutes to help me?  (No pause).  I was wondering what brought you to choose this area to live?  How long have you lived here?  Who do you know in the neighborhood who is thinking of selling their house?”  (Response)

If they gave a name, say,

“Great, would you mind if I used your name when I talk to them?”

If they said, “no one,” continue,

“Well, thank you for taking a moment to think about that.  Do you know anyone from church, work, or another place who would like to buy in the area if there is a home for sale?”

If there is a for sale sign nearby and the listing is still active, say,

“There’s a home for sale in our neighborhood.  When I find a buyer, what are some things you like about the neighborhood that I can tell people who are interested?”

As a closing question, ask,

“If you were to move, where would you go next?”

“When would that be?”

“Can I leave you with a neighborhood market report that shows what’s happening with real estate here in the neighborhood?  Great, and I’d be happy get this information to you each month if you want to stay in tune with what’s going on in the neighborhood.  Would you like to get an update each month on houses that are selling and other neighborhood market statistics?”

Are you interested in joining a company that teaches it’s agents how to talk to clients in all situations? Then give us a call at 215-631-1900 or email Jennie at

*Script from KW BOLD


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